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We, the people of There, extend openly the gifts of friendship, community, advocacy and adventure in order to promote positive connections between individuals in our world. We strive to expand our social networks. We gently guide new members of our community without prejudice. We protect our younger citizens and do not tolerate their exploitation. We are committed to beautifying our surroundings, cultivating the spirit of inclusion, extending continuous warm welcome to Newbies and encouraging good sportsmanship in competition.

We, the people of There, as we come together from every corner of the planet Earth, from every walk of life, from every social, political and economic circumstance are united with one universal expectation of adventure. As this world enriches our understanding of the endless possibilities where our collective imaginations are bound together, we expand the boundaries of our own perceived limitations thus becoming endless in our personal possibilities.

We, the people of There, have come to expect nothing less than to enjoy our time in this unique world with an abundance of excitement, limitless bounds of enthusiasm and the endless opportunities in forming friendships with those we'd otherwise never have the pleasure of coming to know.

We love our world and we welcome you!

We are The People of There!

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